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MPI Family

MPI Family

The MPI family of companies (Managed Programs and Performance Design) is a global product design, development and manufacturing company supplying composite engine, automotive and marine components.  


We design and manufacture intake manifolds, valve covers, oil pans, fuel modules and accessories.  

We transform our design expertise to prototype and series production plastic and carbon fiber components to offer high value to low, medium and high volume OEM, Tier 1 and performance and racing customers.  


We provide ease of logistics to European and US domestic customers with local tool tryout, part production and project management executed with German or English technical communications. 

Mission Statement

Mission Statement
Low volume production at high volume quality

We design our products for ease of manufacturing and assembly allowing utilization of a flexible production assembly. Our assembly process uses high-volume production processes and equipment designed for universal application usage. This allows us to produce different production parts daily or weekly while maintaining processes that create quality parts every time.

Low Volume Production

  • Product Design – Concept to Production

  • Prototype/Production Tooling

  • Fixture and Equipment Builds

  • Flexible Production Assembly Lines

  • Semi-automatic to Manual Assembly Stations

  • High volume process and costs at

  • low volume quantity


  • NylonMold Casting

  • Injection Molding

  • Carbon Composite Molding


Located in Germany

Located ideally to serve the European market for low and medium volume parts production.  Serving tool design and analysis worldwide.

Located in Germany

Regional and Worldwide

Regional and Worldwide
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