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This quotation is contingent on MPI Europe GmbH (MPI) receiving all stated items or articles in one lot simultaneously. Following the receipt of your order, an estimated lead-time and official program timeline will be provided for scheduling and program setup. This schedule shall be reviewed on a regular basis and any delays in required materials to MPI may affect the overall schedule and costs associated with program. MPI’s requires that contract requirements be documented and reviewed by MPI before the commencement of a program. This is to ensure that work is accurately completed in a timely manner. The signature of an Authorized Representative of Buyer and a Purchase Order Number entered on this Quotation (and returned to MPI) will serve to acknowledge and confirm Buyer’s acceptance of this Quotation, MPI’s General Terms and Conditions and the associated prices. Once this Quotation is signed by Buyer, it shall serve as an interim contract until a formal Purchase Order has been issued to MPI. MPI will not begin quoted work until either a signed Quotation or a Purchase Order has been received. MPI’s General Terms and Conditions will apply in either case. MPI’s Quote Number must be referenced on any/all Purchase Orders and correspondence.



Seller is not obligated to perform any additional services not specifically referenced in this Quotation, including, but not limited to, any equipment and or tooling, redesign and or part repair …etc. If Seller agrees to perform additional services requested by Buyer’s Change Order, the Seller’s price and schedule shall be adjusted for the additional work, commensurate with the changed requirements, the status of Seller’s work in process at the time of the Seller’s receipt of the Buyer’s change notice, and the Seller’s written acceptance of the changed work. If for any reason beyond Seller’s control, the original program is interrupted at Buyer’s direction, or a failure of items under test, or a failure of Buyer’s support and or equipment occurs, standby charges will accrue until resumption or termination of testing is directed by Buyer in writing. Re-start charges may apply at resumption of work.  Rescheduling shall be at the discretion of Seller. Termination or cancellation, whether partial or complete, may be made by the Buyer, subject to payment of cancellation charges based upon status of work in process, commitments made and facilities/ resources allocated, as determined by Seller. Additional services required by Buyer as changes and or as a result of buyer’s failure to provide requested materials in a timely manner will be construed as Change Orders and the appropriate charges will be added accordingly. If Buyer should disagree, for any reason, with the results or conclusions of the services and require additional work for verification, Seller shall be entitled to the cost of the additional work required to verify results.



All invoices are due and payable upon presentation unless other terms are otherwise agreed upon in writing prior to the commencement of services. Failure to make such payments when due shall entitle Seller to discontinue services without further notice and such failure may result in additional requirements or deposit requirements being imposed before work is resumed. Whenever credit terms are extended, it is with the express agreement that the terms are “net fifteen (15) days”. A service charge of two percent (2%) per month will apply to all accounts past due. Payment of Seller’s invoices by Buyer shall not be delayed by, or contingent upon, approval or payment by Buyer’s customer or any other third party. Buyer acknowledges and agrees that until final payment, the Seller shall have a lien as a result of services rendered on any and all reports or data generated and upon Buyer-supplied equipment tools and or other intellectual property in Seller’s possession. Unless otherwise agreed to in writing MPI holds no liability for ultimate product safety or functionality and or any product liability or intellectual property rights infringement or warranty, expressed or implied.


The experience and engineering guidance of provider will be given at the user’s risk.  MPI Europe GmbH holds no liability for the ultimate functionality or safety of the product.

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